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It is hard to imagine, but according to those who have experienced both: the grief from a divorce can be more devastating than the death of a spouse. The end of your “happily ever after” can have life -long consequences, especially if one or both of you go negative on the other.

At Webb-Martin Law we hope to make it possible to remember the good or better times. We’d also like to help protect and preserve your health, wealth and children. You may think the devil is your soon to be ex-spouse, but in actual fact, the devil is the bitter resentment, anger, and retaliation that bad breakups are made of. Count on us to help steer you out of that storm whenever, and as soon as, possible.

Divorce happens at the newly married stage, at the family raising stage, and even in the twilight years. It can be something that one or both of you know is coming for a very long time, or it can strike completely by surprise. Even if it comes gently and with mutual consent, we know it is never easy. If you want to get through the process without breaking yourself or breaking your spouse, we have some tried and trusted methods and resources to share.

Or, maybe you just want to be prepared? You need to know what your options and potential outcomes are if there is a divorce. We can provide confidential answers to your questions. We can coach and direct you to minimize the damage to yourself, your spouse and most importantly your children.

If you decide on dissolving your marriage, we can initiate a divorce action as respectfully as possible. Or, if you are on the receiving end of a divorce action, we can help arrest the meltdown.  We can educate you, and help you navigate the legal process.We can get you the short term counseling support or divorce coaching you need from a quality mental health professional. We would work hand in hand with that professional.  We can protect and assert your legal rights, but most importantly we can work cooperatively with your spouse and/or his/her attorney. We know this approach leads to better (faster, less expensive, less damaging) outcomes.

You may need graceful aggression and firm legal representation. That we can provide. However, if you want to destroy your spouse, and/or”take everything” from him/her, including the children, we are probably not the right firm for you. But, if you hired that type of attorney in the first place and you need rescuing from a mean destructive mess, we are able to assist with that. Our goal for you is to get back on the road to peace as soon as you can. Long or short, recovery after a divorce is possible.   The moment you start living for the future is when you will find your way again.


Do you have a child with someone you were never married to? Do you need support for that child from the other parent? Or, do you need to establish unfettered access to your child or children? We can help with either of these needs with a long-term goal of a workable, peaceful co-parenting arrangement.

For Unmarried Men:  Might you have fathered a child with someone you are not married to? Want to consider and be advised as to your “rights” (and obligations) to this child. You need to act fast and take steps before the child is born. The Texas Department of State Health Services maintains a registry to permit a man alleging to be the biological father of a child to assert his parentage, independent of the mother, and preserve his right as a parent of that child.

Enforcement Actions, Modifications & Support Issues and Updates: Do you already have finalized family related Orders from a court? We can help if you need that divorce decree enforced, or modified. Maybe you need custody terms updated or changed, including geographical restrictions changed? We can help with these needs. Give us a call.

Adoption/Name Changes. Do you have questions about adoption? We can assist with stepparent adoptions, adult adoptions, and name changes.

Estate Planning:  Pre or Post Nuptial Agreements,  Probate & Guardianship

Engaged and need asset protection or insulation, from a potential divorce? Is this a late in life, second marriage for one or both of you, such that you both want assets to flow to your children and not necessarily your new spouse at your death? The marital laws that apply to your upcoming union can be written, not by the Texas Legislature and Texas Courts, but by you! Prenuptial agreements, and in some cases post-nuptial agreements, can be valuable planning tools. We have experience doing collaborative prenuptial agreements. Ask whether this process might work for you.

We aim to assist young and old with basic estate planning. We can also help you with a probate or guardianship matter. But most likely you need, and we can prepare at minimal cost a:

Durable Power of Attorney
Medical Directive
Medical Power of Attorney & HIPAA Release

Or, if you have had everything prepared before but need or want changes to your Estate planning documents we may be able to assist.

Note on Digital Assets Language: if there is no provision for dealing with your Digital Assets  — you need an update! Wills drafted as late as 2016 may not have a provision giving your Executor/POA the power to deal with your digital assets.   Let’s get that updated!

Business and Property Issues

Where we live and where and with whom we work are critical components to our lives. Do you need advice about: forming a company? Splitting with a business partner? Are you struggling with a neighbor? We provide advice on all things practical when it comes to your business and/or your property…   And if your divorce, is going to involve a family business you need to make certain that you and your attorney form a strong alliance with tax and/or valuation specialists.

Please note: We are not able to provide tax or valuation related advice. We can help you find a reputable C.P.A. or business valuator to consult with and we can work hand in hand with that person.

Other Legal Matters:

You may have other legal needs that we are not in a position to take up representation on. Typically, we do not handle personal injury, criminal matters, bankruptcy, or appeals. We are, however, always willing to make sure you get to a reputable and dependable attorney who does specialize in the type of work you need.

The family law, divorce, estate planning and business attorneys at Webb-Martin Law provide services for clients in Texas, including: Comfort, Hill Country, Austin, San Antonio, Blanco and Dripping Spring Texas. Contact us today!

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