Fort Myers Attorney handles family mediationJayne has mediated over 500 cases in the court system as a court appointed mediator. She is available to work with you and your spouse privately, in her office. Jayne will do FREE telephone consultations about the mediation process with both of you to see if mediation is right for you. In almost all cases, even ones with difficult issues and high conflict, issues are resolved more peacefully through mediation.
Jayne’s mediation rate for a Pro Se Divorce is $195 an hour and you each share the cost. Contrast that with potential litigation costs!

Mediation is about self-determination. As your mediator Jayne assists you and your spouse with communication. She can direct the conversations to be productive and on point. If you and your spouse get stuck on any one issue Jayne can help you generate new or different options. Agreements, when they are reached, are determined by you and your spouse together. Jayne can then write up the agreement you reach, and she can prepare all the paperwork necessary for you to file your own uncontested divorce.

Mediation does not require you to each have an attorney, but if you have one, or want one they are welcome to participate. It is recommended that each spouse obtain individualized legal advice before the mediation commences. If you need a list of attorneys with whom to consult, Jayne can provide you each with such a list. Mediation is a highly effective way to get divorced without destroying relationships. It is often described as fair and friendly. Mediation is cost effective, and in most cases pretty quick. If you have questions about this process, call Jayne.